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Living in a home where you are unconditionally loved is a rare experience that is life changing

Especially considering the cause of much of our suffering comes from the lack of this experience growing up.
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The House


It does exist! The Real Love House is a home in Glendale Arizona, that is directed and operated by Certified Real Love Coach Sharon Winningham.

The Real Love House is a place where you can truly throw yourself into an environment designed to foster real love and provide you with the tools and resources to live a happy, safe life with your loves ones. The intention of our home is to provide you with a place of rest, a place where you can recharge your soul and be nurtured, and an environment that will teach you about the healing power of Real Love.


Our beautiful seven-bedroom home has been developed and expertly designed as a safe place to learn the healing power of real love. We will provide coaching, lodging, and numerous additional amenities that focus on healing, nurturing, and helping each individual learn how to be loved and provide love to others in a responsible way. The Real Love House will also offer the following to each and every person who walks through our doors:

  • A place where you — or you and a partner or child — can immerse in Real Love coaching with Sharon for an extended period (30 days minimum – 6 months)
  • A place to quietly retreat while enjoying both learning and living Real Love principles
  • A place to have a women’s Real Love retreat
  • A place to have a men’s Real Love retreat
  • A place to spend a week-long Real Love retreat
  • A place to spend a week-end retreat with other Real Love Practitioners

What We Can Do For You

  • Replacing fear and confusion with peace and confidence … that’s what Sharon does best.
  • No one can “Love and Teach” more powerfully than Sharon —  a ten year veteran, Certified Real Love Coach.   If you are determined to make your life what you want it to be, consider the advantages of having Sharon as your personal coach.
  • Learn the principles, feel the principles, and apply the principles with the support and guidance of Sharon in a living situation with daily guidance.
  • What do you dream of?  With Sharon’s ongoing, undivided attention you’ll work together to define what you want and how to get it.
  • Real Love Interventions are a special experience, and they happen in a special place.
  • A place for you to be immersed in Real Love.

Learn more about living at the Real Love House

We offer many options to fit your specific needs
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Our Team


Sharon Winningham

House Mom

Shane Staats

House Dad & Benefactor